yellow and blue apparel



Work should exhibit an understanding and respect for the properties of the materials and should demonstrate the skillful manipulation of basic materials in producing the object.


Thoughtful designing should exhibit and reflect the unique visual appearance and skills of the maker. Use of commercial prepared kits is unacceptable.


Work must demonstrate a level of technical competence and understanding of the materials used. Fabrication should exhibit high levels of shill. Each piece should be well finished on all sides. Fabrication should exhibit high levels of skill in the following:

  • Seams and joints should be clean, neat, and precise

  • Appendages, such as handles and knobs, should be cleanly and well attached, comfortable and safe to use and visually consistent with piece

  • Warping, cracks, or other obvious defects are unacceptable

  • Each piece should be well finished on all sides. Edges and bottoms should be smooth and soft to the touch

  • Finishes must be consistent with the intended use

  • All areas are unblemished by scratches or chips edges, and should be clean, completely free of dirt, varnish drips or over runs or any other residue


The object must be designed and fabricated by the applying maker. Since, in reproduction, there is no design input, the onus of judgment is upon technical skill alone. Copying currently produced work is not acceptable. Whether original in design, or an adaptation of a traditional design, the work should clearly reflect the personalized influence of the individual maker. While giving a sense of the historical context from which a traditional adaptation has come, the pieces should clearly reflect a personal interpretation and style.


The object must be constructed of materials, which are of high quality and are appropriate to the structural integrity, utility, and visual appearance of the object.