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Linda Chow

Linda Chow was born in, and resides in New Westminster BC. Linda comes from an artistic family with home crafts, woodwork, lapidary, sewing, and needlework including knitting and crocheting, being an integral part of her early years.

There was always encouragement to try new ideas and work with various tools and although there were many mishaps along the way, the experiences helped creativity grow.

Always interested in needlecrafts and fabric dimensions, her heart was more fulfilled when working with wire, beads and stones. Throughout the years, Linda has taken many classes through night school and camps to learn many new ways to create, however, the desire was always back to wire, metal and stone.

Recently, Linda took a silversmith course and after overcoming the fear of fire, found that this was the missing link in her artistic endeavours. Once that torch was put in her hand, the ideas that were only put on paper and tucked away in sketch books are becoming realities.

Inspiration comes from many aspects; the shape of a chimney, an old wrought iron fence, the design on a door or lock, the holes in the sand, the leaves on a tree or a small pea pod. Endless possibilities for jewelry ideas!

A variety of Linda’s jewelry creations can be found at the Blackberry Gift Shop.

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