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Process for Jurying New Members

  • Jurying of prospective members will be conducted approximately 6-8 times/year, at regular monthly meetings, or may be carried out in a special meeting outside of the regular monthly meetings.

  • A jury of 5 members will be selected by the Jury Coordinator from the members, based on expertise and knowledge of the work being juried. All attending members view the application and work submitted by the artist.

  • The applicant is invited into the meeting to present his/her work, and to answer questions from Members regarding their work, in addition to other skills that would contribute to the Society.

  • The applicant will have the opportunity to ask questions of the committee members.

  • The applicant is informed of the expectations as a prospective member of the Society (per Membership Commitments document).

  • The applicant is excused from the meeting.

  • The members will discuss the applicant’s work, and the jury members (5) will evaluate it based on the criteria in the Jury Scoring Sheet.

  • Individual evaluations are compiled on the Jurying Summary Report. The minimum score for acceptance is 75%. A decision to accept or reject the applicant is made at the meeting.

  • The Jury Coordinator will communicate the outcome of the jury to the applicant either in person, by phone, or by email within 2 weeks.

  • The jury’s decision is final, and Jurying fees are non-refundable.

  • If the Gift Shop is at full capacity, the applicant will be placed on a waitlist. When/if space becomes available, the applicant will be invited to jury.