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Membership Commitments

An annual membership fee of $25.00 is payable on or before April 1st each year.

All artists must commit to a minimum of 6 months to display their product and work the required volunteer hours. After this time, the artist can terminate his/her membership via email to the Membership Coordinator and/or President.

Members are expected to attend monthly BAS meetings to participate in discussions and decisions regarding membership and shop policies, and the selection of new members.

Members must attend the Annual General Meeting held in March/April of each year to participate in the election of new Officers and Directors, and to vote on annual statements provided by the committee chairs. Noncompliant members will be considered in breach of their membership.


All members must schedule and work volunteer hours as sales personnel in the Gift Shop, under the direction of the Scheduling Coordinator.

  • January through October: Approximately 1-2 shifts per month.

  • November/December: As needed to staff the Christmas Marketplace.

  • Members who need to change their shifts within one week of their scheduled shift must find their own replacement.

  • Members who have not fulfilled their allotted number of shifts in a quarter (three-month period) are expected to make up those shifts by the end of the next quarter.

  • Shift requirements during the Christmas Marketplace will be substantially higher. The shift commitment for the first three quarters must be completed before the beginning of Marketplace.

  • Members who do not fulfill their allotted shifts in each quarter (3-month period), without good cause, will be considered in breach of membership.

  • All members are expected to follow best practices in customer service as set out in the Sales Training Manual

  • Any concerns or disputes must be immediately referred to a member of the Executive for timely resolution.


Artists are assigned a letter code (normally the first letter of first and last name) to identify their work.

Artists must identify each of their items with a removable sticky tag, either directly on the piece or on a hang tag, clearly displaying their code, item number, and price.

  • Artists are responsible for maintaining their own up-to-date inventory sheets, noting current listings and sold items.

  • Artists are allowed to remove work from the shop for other exhibitions; this must be noted on their inventory record.

  • If the removal of item(s) will affect the shop display, approval of The Inside Display coordinator must be received prior to removal.

  • In the case of the Christmas Marketplace, removed items may or may not be re-exhibited, at the discretion of the Inside Display Coordinator.

  • Artists must be conscientious about renewing and refreshing their stock. Due to limited space, Artists maybe asked to remove or rotate out merchandise that has remained unsold for more than 4 months. All work must comply with the BAS Jury Criteria and will be reviewed periodically.

  • Resigning members must remove their items from the Gift Shop immediately. After 30 days, and attempts to contact the artist, remaining work will be considered “abandoned” and will become the property of the BAS for their use or disposal.