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Process for New Product Jurying

Artists requesting addition of a new product line to their Gift Shop offering must:

  1. Call or E-mail ( the Jury Coordinator for a jury time and date.

  2. Submit a completed copy of this form and the “New Product Jurying Form” to the Jury Coordinator.

  3. Bring 4 examples of the new product for jurying.

  4. Attend the jurying meeting to describe these new products.


  • There is no fee for jurying in a new product.

  • Each Artist will be allotted only one space allotment regardless of the number of products offered in the Gift Shop.

  • An Artist may not request a new product jurying in the first twelve (12) months of their membership.

  • An Artist may only jury in a new product once every twelve (12) months.


I  _______________________________ agree to abide by the process for new product jurying.

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