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Process for 3-Year Qualifying Re-Jurying

  • Members are required to re-jury every 3 years, or more as requested.

  • When requested, the member completes the Process for 3-year Qualifying Re-jurying Form and submits it to the Jury Coordinator.

  • The member selects 2 recent examples of his/her products for jurying. The Inside Display person will select 2 pieces of the member’s work that is currently on display in the Gift Shop.

  • The member attends the jury meeting at the time and date provided by the Jury Coordinator, to present products and answer questions from the Members.

  • The member steps out of the meeting while the members discuss and vote on the outcome.

  • The Jury Coordinator will communicate the outcome of the jury to the applicant either in person, by phone, or by email within 2 weeks.

  • There is no fee for 3-year Qualifying Re-jurying.