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Beryl Hickinbottom

Beryl Hickinbottom creates a variety of dyed and woven items as well as distinctive garments. Born in England she attended a church school studying the brilliantly coloured stained-glass windows and the medieval architecture. Following a few years in Malayasia soaking up the striking colours of that culture, she came to Canada in 1970. This love of colour is now reproduced in her weavings.

Always loving crafts, it was a delight to discover weaving as an outlet for her creativity. Learning weaving from a well-known weaver she has taken numerous workshops in Canada and the USA. A member of the Greater Vancouver Weavers’ & Spinners’ Guild & Langley Weavers’ Guild, Beryl continues to learn from workshops.

Handwovens are well made because crafts people care about their work and put everything into the production. Countless hours may be necessary to create an item to the best of their ability. The craftsperson is an expert taking great pride in her work – it is a labour of love.

Beryl's weavings have been sent all over the world. Her work can be found in shops and galleries in B.C.

A variety of Beryl's work can be found year round in the Blackberry Gift Shop.

You can contact her at: