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Laurie Jones-Canta

Laurie creates using all-weathered cottonwood bark from non-living trees.  Most wood is found riverside in Northern BC.  Everything is hand-carved using homemade tools and Flexcut knives and chisels.  Her work is predominantly fantasy houses, castles, nature and local or maritime scenes drawn often from folklore, and literary sources. Commissioned pieces such as children’s nightlights and lighthouses have been requested.


In some of her work, Laurie combines acrylics for shading and pyrography for definition.


All pieces are sealed with wax or clear acrylic sealers (matte or satin).


Laurie is an SFU Alumna of the Contemporary Arts Program and member of Miniature Club of BC. Now retired from Dance and Multi-media performing, she is currently working in her home studio with cottonwood bark carving, pyrography, mosaics and outdoor Pop-Art painting. Her carving creations available are Fantasy Houses, Lighthouses, nightlights, 3-D ornaments and local scenery, exclusively offered through Blackberry Gift Shop in Port Moody, BC. In 2001 she designed the original Crossroads Hospice Dragonfly logo for the Capital Campaign for Inlet Centre. The Dragonflies of Hope project that followed became the inspiration for many artists and their signature has taken on a life of its own since then. She has also constructed large pieces for stagecraft for local high school musicals and community Cabaret productions. She assembles shadow boxes created with sculpted figures and scenes depicting children’s literature which act as nightlights.


Laurie often integrates wood, clay, silver wire, broken tiles/china and ‘found objects’ into unique mixed media pieces. Her 3-D café plaque series sold to coffee shops, bistros and adorn her fans’ kitchens. In June, Laurie completed a design for ‘Pianos on the Street’ for City of Port Coquitlam which is on display this summer (2018) and available to play at Hyde Creek Recreation Centre.


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