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Laura Genovese

Laura Genovese is an artist from the Tri-Cities area, Coquitlam B.C.  She loves to create pieces that incorporate elements from nature.  Her “Mixed Media” pieces are a collage of  acrylic paint on canvas which incorporate paper, glue, sand, wood …. even plaster and shells are often used.  Inspired by the Canadian West Coast, Laura is often found creating images for collectors, friends and family.  When Laura is travelling she creates watercolor painings on location!


Laura’s desire to pursue painting came from a Call for Artists through the city of Port Coquitlam where she participated in developing the Shaughnessy Street Underpass Community Mural with other local artists.

Laura Genovese helped paint on an utility box at the corner of Coast Meridian and Robertson St. in Port Coquitlam, BC. Laura produced a series of “Spirit Ladies”  acrylic paintings.   Each is  3 1/2ft by 6 ft!

Visuals offered an opportunity to exhibit during the 2010 Olympics in Squamish and to exhibit in Whistler to present… where Laura’s family has a home.                         Laura exhibits annually with the Port Moody Art Association where she is the acting President.


Laura enjoys working with a variety of media-acrylic, watercolor, plaster, glass and other natural elements to create landscape, floral and “pet portrait” paintings.


Exhibitor at:

Blackberry Gift Shop, Port Moody Art Center 2018- present

PMAA 2014- present….. and The Heron Mural 2017… “Can Can Dancer”

Imago Mundi, Venice, Italy.  July 2015-present Private Collection

Port Moody Art Center, “In The Blink of An Eye” 2018”

                                        “Golden Moments” January 2017

Squamish Arts Council Building.  “Making Waves” July 21st- Aug, 2016

Artisan Square, Bowen Island.  “Our Sea to Sky” July 20- Aug 14th, 2016

The Gallery, Maury Youg Arts Center.   “Sky’s the Limit”  Nov17th – Jan 5th, 2016

Port Moody Cultural Day    June 2018, September 2015

Millineum Gallery, Whistler.   “Sacred Headwaters” April 7th – June 7th, 2015

Leigh Square Port Coquitlam       2009- to present

Minnekhada “Art In The Park”  2011

Shaughnessy Street Underpass Mural -  Collaborative Work   2009

“Treefest”  Coquitlam      2009

The Shuffle Port Moody, 2018. “Art Walk” and in the Tri-Cities, British Columbia. 

Private Collections


Member of the Port Moody Art Association, acting President

Member of Visuals 2010- present

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