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Jan Pavlic

No matter where one lives, clay can often be sourced locally or regionally. It brings with it a story of the place in which it was formed. A clay's origin gives it personality and this imprint will emerge in one's work. It never strays far from its humble roots. And the way in which clay work is created is a process akin to magic... from creek bed to table, shelf, or jewelry box, useful or decorative.

I become grounded by working with clay, earth in my hands. The cool, calm, quietness of it takes me away from the chatter and is meditative. I began working in ceramics at age seven, then through high school, university, private art school and at community centres. Each place I lived exposed me to new clays, glazes and techniques. The color and feel of local clay changed but the raw material was at heart the same. While I have both thrown and hand-built, hand-building has been my mainstay for about 20 years. I have created vessels, sculptures, murals, tiles and, lately,  jewelry. I like experimenting with historic, even ancient methods and finding ways to make them relevant to the present day.







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