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Athabasca Witschi

Athabasca has been drawing cats since she could hold a pencil. Working in pen, pencil, and pencil crayon, she's broadened her repertoire to include people, plants, and the world around her.


Inspired by sci-fi, myth, and fantasy, she also draws from imagination. The expressive simplicity of her work comes from keen observation, attention to detail, and a whimsical mind

Never formally trained in art (in fact, she has a computer science degree), Athabasca learned from books, friends, and practice throughout her life.


Drawing is but one expression of a deep creative drive. Other outlets include a cupcake business, hobby electronics, dance, costuming and makeup, writing, photography, and woodworking.


In 2018, she founded the Drawesome New West drawing club (soon to be Drawesome Port Moody) and in 2021 she ran a week-long urban sketching camp.

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