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Alison White

I have found that art is very individual, both in the appreciation as a collector and in the actual process of putting paint on paper.  Art, for me, began as a collector with a very eclectic taste for landscapes, watercolours, pen and ink, oils, modern and traditional. Taking fine art courses only cemented my desire to have a collection on my walls.
After many years of just admiring art I was persuaded to put paint to paper. It was a revelation!
In my clumsy way at the beginning I could produce an image that was appreciated by others. I became more adept in the process and then struggled for my own style, not just a reproduction of the many artists I took classes from.
In spite of encouragement to use big brushes, splash the paint everywhere, I like small brushes, gentle strokes, small details, whimsical buildings that tip to the side, primary colours. Paintings evolve under the brush, details emerge seemingly as you paint, not as originally planned, colour choices change. It becomes a magical experience.
Plein air painting is a breathtaking process that I find can only be finished in the studio, even though the scene becomes somewhat different from what was started. To me painting is a process that becomes alive through the brush itself.


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