Blackberry Gift Shop + Artist Co-op

Lucy Hwang

Jisuk Hwang (Lucy) is a ceramic artist with over 10 years of experience creating traditional Korean style ceramic art. She has mostly created her ceramic works using the pottery wheel with special clay imported from Korea. She also carves and paints with englobe / slip and color stain. Lucy also likes to express diverse nature through her artwork and has painted beautiful flowers, trees and mountains on many of her ceramic pieces. She works to create special clay wares that are a collaboration of Korean and Western style ceramics.
Lucy is currently a part of the Black Berry Artist Society and the Tri-city Potters. Therefore, her artwork is available for sale and on display at the Black Berry Gift Shop in the Port Moody Arts Centre.
Lucy has also had many experiences volunteering at Korean festivals and several community festivals (Locations: Coquitlam, China town, North Vancouver, UBC and Surrey), where she has done pottery wheel demonstrations and distributed small pots created on the wheel. She also has about 7 years of experience teaching painting classes to children (3yrs-6yrs old) and volunteering for face painting at SUCCESS in the Coquitlam branch.
In the past, she studied textiles at Sungkyunkwan University in Korea and taught at an art institute for 3 years. Also, for 3 years Lucy worked at the fashion company “ELLE”. After coming to Vancouver, she was able to learn traditional Korean pottery and carving from Master Clay Kim for 10 years.
Lucy loves nature and vibrant colors. Therefore, she is passionate to learn and partake in new experiences. She hopes to share her beautiful and everyday usable artworks with many people.

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